Disruptive Harmony
A Daring Fusion of Contrasts
Disruptive Harmony is an exhilarating art collection consisting of two visually striking pieces that defy expectations by fusing seemingly disparate elements. Drawing inspiration from the raw energy of street art, the intricate beauty of Ukiyoe, and the immersive experience of virtual reality, this collection celebrates the power of contrast and the harmony that can emerge from it

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Commissioned Artworks for Disrupt LA WEB 3 Events and Special giveaway 
Bold Reflection - 大胆な反射
This daring artwork captivates the viewer with its playful Banana motif, showcasing a vibrant fusion of street art and Ukiyoe influences. The vivid colors and dynamic composition invite you to explore the balance that exists between contrasting forces, encouraging you to embrace change and transformation in the face of disruption. この大胆な作品は、鮮やかなバナナのモチーフで視聴者を魅了し、ストリートアートと浮世絵の影響が融合しています。鮮やかな色彩とダイナミックな構図は、対照的な力の間に存在するバランスを探求するよう招待し、破壊の中で変化と変革を受け入れることを励ましています。

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Vivid Echo - 生き生きとしたエコー
In this striking piece, a mesmerizing Cherry motif mirrors its Banana counterpart, further pushing the boundaries of traditional art. The intricate lines of Ukiyoe are reimagined through the lens of street art and virtual reality, reflecting the limitless possibilities of creative expression when we dare to disrupt and innovate.


NFT Available on Nifty Gateway

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