Divinas Del Este is an illustration collection inspired by Eastern divine and Japanese woodblock styles. It is a celebration of Asian folklore, philosophy, and culture. Each illustration captures a strong message of female empowerment and the traditional Japanese colors, creating a contemporary art feel. The collection includes Japanese flowers, Manga-style goddesses, and symbols from Buddhism and Hinduism, creating a unique blend of Asian culture. 

The illustrations in Divinas Del Este emit a powerful energy, with each image conveying a message of strength and resilience. The strong colors and shapes give the designs a powerful, uplifting feeling. The designs are a reflection of the strength and beauty found within Asian culture and its ancient traditions. 

The collection’s aim is to inspire and empower women and all those who view it. It celebrates the divinity, beauty, and wisdom of the East, while paying homage to the traditions and values of its culture. Divinas Del Este is a unique blend of traditional and contemporary art styles, creating an unforgettable collection.
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